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We all hate Slippery Foot Lotions!

12 years ago, I walked out of a pedicure here in Cape Town with my feet oily and slippery in my shoes. I got in my car and took off my shoes immediately…. try putting an oily foot on the breaks!

I was so frustrated! Now I had to walk bare feet, my shoes were oily, and everything clung to the moisture underneath my feet, making it look like I never had that pedi.

Have you felt this way? I am sure you have. I went on a search, I started buying every heel balm I could lay my hands on. I tried them all! And with absolutely no luck. Some were great absorbers and I actually felt like they were food for my dry heels, but I could not find one that didn’t leave the oily wet residue.

It was a winter's day and I was in a new makeup store that had just opened. A friendly sales lady spritzed a product on my face that was supposed to set my makeup. It did wonders for my face and this is where the Elim Foot Perfector was born. If this wonder product could set the makeup on my face after application, surely it could set my pedicure….

The search began and a year later we had a beautiful heel balm with the lock in system that was developed for makeup setting. But that was not enough… seeing that the active ingredient locked in all moisture, there was no reason we couldn’t add more. And you know the Elim philosophy, we developed a facial for your feet. We use facial grade ingredients and what is good for the face is good for the feet.

Here is a list of ingredients I added to the normal foot formulation. Not just your average list of ingredients.

  • Vitamins and Almond Oils to nourish and feed the feet.

  • Shea Butter for hydration.

  • Isopropyl Myristate is an extra absorption mechanism that ensures every ingredient is absorbed into the skin.

  • Vitamin E

  • Collagen to plump skin and improve its appearance.

  • Pro Vitamin B5.

  • Honeyquat an excellent humectant.

  • Propylene Glycol acts as a water lock system.

  • Urea was included for hydration.

  • Dimethicone the magic solution that prevents the slipping.

So there you have it, the 5th product in your MediHeel Super Pedicure, a real facial for your feet.



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